Printed Version (Paperback) 

The book is self-published. The print-version is available from your local Amazon store:

Please register the book so I can keep you posted with updates and new releases. And of course, if you buy the print version, you can also download the PDF, without donating.

PDF Version

Even though you can get the book right from this website without paying any money, it is not free. Instead, it is donationware: based on the value you get from the book and your financial means, you donate an appropriate sum of money:

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Donations are much simpler than paying for the book at the time when when you get it: you can check out the contents before you pay, you can pay whatever you think makes sense for you, and we all don't have to deal with DRM and chasing down "illegal copies". But it to make this work (and keep the book project alive), it relies on you sticking to the rules. So please donate. Thank you! Also, please register the book once you have donated, so I can send you updates. Now go ahead and download the PDF version here.


What? No Kindle? No Mobi?

No, not at this point. I wrote the book in Latex, using the Tufte Latex class. I used a lot of non-trivial formatting, and I have a lot of custom syntax coloring for MPS, Xtext, Spoofax and many example DSLs. This stuff really doen't translate well to the less sophisticated eBook formats. Maybe sometime after the initial release I will migrate everything to a multi-target authoring pipeline, but currently I don't have the energy to do this.